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Business & Biceps

Apr 29, 2018

Personal initiative is more than what gets you started. It is what gets you out of bed every morning. It is what pushes you internally to execute daily. Personal initiative is what puts you one the extra mile and is a necessity if you hope to be successful. 


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Apr 26, 2018

In today's society there are those who posture themselves on social media next to lavish cars and homes. They try to sell some kind of program that promises a six figure monthly income by the end of the 8 weeks. They love to "motivate" without giving any sort of action. This episode is about telling you what you don't...

Apr 22, 2018

As you go through business and life people will do you wrong. It is inevitable. When we harbor negative feelings toward these people we allow this negativity into our headspace. If we can learn to forgive then we can break away from the negativity holding us back and begin to grow as people. 


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Apr 19, 2018

Well, today we went where we try not to go. The conversation that started as 'what is pissing us off' turned into a discussion on the current political climate, racism in America, why technology does more harm than good and so much more. You do not want to miss this unusual and wide ranging conversation between Maurice,...

Apr 15, 2018

After some technical difficulties the guys were battling something that we all face and can be detrimental to our relationships, anger. They share some stories from their past and provide insight on how we can all become better at defeating this lifelong opponent. 


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